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We are here to present a widespread assortment of Gym Fitness Equipments. Nowadays, people are more considerate about their fitness and health and wants to maintain a good body figure and our offered equipments highly assists them to achieve their goals. The Gym Fitness Equipments are made under the constant management of our professional to make sure that their best quality lever and safe utilization. They have the capability to serve for many number of years and are impact resistant.
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Our wide range of Leg Extension machine facilitates range of motion limiter control of both flexible and extension workout. Exclusively designed with superior quality pads and tear resistant upholstery, this extension machine features IBBF approved scientific biomechanics. Best known for its strong tubular steel structure with quality epoxy coated finish; this machine is widely used for weight-training exercise that targets the quadriceps muscles located at the front of the upper thigh.

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Tricep Dip Machine

Our Tricep Dip Machine targets the upper body and mid- section. This station is ideal for performing multiple styles of dip exercises. This equipment is widely used to strengthen the muscles of chest, arm, lower back and abdomen. With this dip station, we also provide an excellent quality safety connector which provides stability and safety during exercise. In addition, it also has soft foam hand grips for comfort during exercise.

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This Seated Row machine facilitates full motion arms, allowing full range movement. Designed with multi- levels of adjustable resistance, this rowing machine has fully thick- padded seat for utmost comfort to the user. In addition, it is also designed with non- slip grip handlebars and large anti- slip pedals with adjustable foot straps. There is also a built-in LCD display. Sleek, solid steel frame of the rowing machine provides optimal support and comfort.

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We provide an excellent machine for performing Hack Squat. This exercise allows the lower body to move in a motion similar to the squat. It is just different in a way that it has an additional pad to support the upper body and glutes. This machine is offered to clients in a wide range of sizes and designs to meet their individual needs.

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Hyperextension Machine

This Hyperextension Machine is widely used to target the lower back, hip and glutes. Features a sleek and sturdy design, this machine is compact in design. Made of steel frame, this machine is ideal for home use. Quick to fold for easy storage when not in use, this machine is exclusively designed with comfortable high density foam hip support pads.

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Lat Pulley with Rowing

This Lat Pulley with Rowing is equipped with a high and low pulley. This equipment is specifically engineered by our experts to target the muscles of back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. It is basically a lat pull- down exercise machine. The bench provided with this machine is equipped with anti- slip foot and knee restraints which are adjustable to suit the user.

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Peck Fly Fitness Machine

This Peck Fly Fitness Machine is specially designed for toning your arms and shoulders. Features excellent range of motion, this fitness machines allows exercise in various ranges. Other than this, the machine is exclusively designed with multiple position handgrips that permit both chest and deltoid exercises. This machine features a padded seat and back rest from which two levers protrude for easy grip.

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Pull Down Machine

This Pull Down Machine features high density foam and upholstery for providing utmost comfort to user while exercising. It is best known for its easy thigh pad which is easily adjustable in upward and downward direction to make ideal seating arrangement for a comfortable and effective workout. In addition, there are also dual strap grips and pull down bar attached in this machine for isolateral & bilateral movement respectively.

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Heavy Slimmer

Easy to carry anywhere, this Heavy Slimmer equipment is great for home use. This equipment is widely used for side crunches, regular crunches and bicycle crunches. Can bear heavy weight of user, this slimming equipment is best to lose belly fat. Robust in design, the slimming equipment is very to use. We offer this equipment to clients in varied sizes and colors.

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Abdominal Board

This Abdominal Board is exclusively designed with comfortable foam. It is widely used post surgery and liposuction helping de- inflammation. In addition, it also allows the skin acceding to the muscle and molds your body. Our boards are wide enough to give you proper coverage on the abdominal and torso area. It ensures free movement to your abdominal and in turn exerts the pressure necessary to avoid formation of fibrosis or bruising after abdominal plastic surgery.

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Hyperextension Roman Chair

This Hyperextension Roman Chair is specifically designed to target the muscles of lower back, hip and glutes. This hyperextension chair is constructed in a very sleek and sturdy design for compactness. Our highly experienced team uses best quality steel frames for imparting strength and durability in the machine. Ideal for home use, this equipment is easy to fold for storage when not in use.

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Manual Gym Walker

This Manual Gym Walker is easy to fold and store when not in use, thus saving a lot of floor space. Features exclusive dash board with electronic meter, this gym walker is integrated with a number of functions of scan, speed, distance, calories, time and pulse. In this walker, there is an excellent provision of three different levels that are easily adjustable.

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Multi Function Flat Incline Decline Bench

This Multi Function Flat Incline Decline Bench is specifically designed to target specific group of muscles of upper chest (clavicular portion of the pectoralis major). Best known for its unique design with attached foot levers, this bench facilitates easy positioning of handles in a more comfortable starting and ending position. This machine is also used for exercising deltoids (shoulders) and the triceps (back of the arms).

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Adjustable Twister

Suitable for all age groups, this Adjustable Twister comes in varied designs and sizes to meet diverse needs. It is widely used for upper body workout. Easy to use, this twister is easily adjustable depending on the height of the user. A padded cushioned seat is also provided for utmost comfort.

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Ab Machine

This Ab Machine provides you an extremely comfortable seated position with complete support for your neck and head. Heavy duty in design, this machine is ready to use and can be stored easily anywhere. It keeps you at comfort while working out. Targets your abdominal muscles, these machines are offered to clients in a wide range of designs.


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