Outdoor Fitness Equipment

We are offering a large variety of Outdoor Fitness Equipments to offer exercising benefits in fresh air. They provide an easy and quick installment and can be placed in gardens, parks, playgrounds and other several places for their optimum utilization. The equipments have a hard bitten structure and can bear extreme weather conditions without getting any default in their functioning. The Outdoor Fitness Equipments are highly durable and reliable. Exercising in open also refreshes the mind and soul and thus improves the efficiency of the body.
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This Chest Press Single equipment is highly comfortable for your body. It allows you to lift heavier weight with more control. In the chest press, the user works upon the muscles of shoulders and elbows. When seated on the press machine and grasping the handles, your hands should be in line with your chestnot above or below it. While working out, your feet should be able to rest on the floor.

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This Leg Press Triple machine is great for complete leg workout. Features tough powder coated finish, this leg press works on the lower body. It is specifically designed to tone and strengthen the muscles in the legs. Targets muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and gluteus maximus, this leg press machine enables allows users at a time.

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Double Twister Seating

This Double Twister Seating is robust and heavy duty in design to bear maximum weight of the use. Targets abdominal and oblique muscles, this twister has dual arrangement for both seating and standing. Designed with ergonomic grips for easy handling, this twister is very easy to use. One just needs to stand on the twister and rotate it gently towards right to left & vice- versa.

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Double Twister Standing

Heavy duty in design, this Double Twister Standing is widely used for abdominal and oblique muscles. Designed with ergonomic grips, this twister can bear maximum weight of the user. It is very useful for complete upper and lower tummy trimming and shaping. We offer this twister to clients in varied sizes and specifications to meet their exact needs.

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Great for outdoor gym, this Sky Walker enables excellent learning to kids about balance, self-confidence and coordination. Features powder coated steel construction; this walker has no pinch joint covers. Durable and safe for years, this walker has unique modular design constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel. It is customized in varied colors, sizes and designs to meet clients exact needs.

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This Leg Press Double machine is specifically designed to strengthen the lower body. This machine is widely used to work on the hamstrings, quadriceps and the gluteus maximus. These are the important muscles for jumping and running. The leg press is basically a weight training exercise. In this, the individual pushes a weight or resistance away from them using their legs.

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Designed with dual workout position, this Twister 2 in 1 has both standing and sitting provision in one single unit. Targets abdominal and oblique muscles in the body, this twister is very easy to use. Great for home and commercial use, it is made of best quality materials. The handle of the twister is adjustable depending on the height of the user.

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The most widely used gymnastic apparatus, Pomel Horse is also called side horse. It is basically leather- covered foam which is 1.6 meters long, 34 to 36 cm wide, and about 115 cm from the floor with a support in its centre. In addition, there are also attached curved wooden pommels that are 12 cm high. The pommels are inserted 40 to 45 cm apart in the top of the horse. It is widely used in an event of mens competition in the modern Olympic Games.

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This Air Walker is specially designed for aerobic and cardio- vascular exercises. Best suitable for weight reduction, calorie burn and muscle toning, this walker closely resembles the elliptical trainers. It simulates a walking or jogging motion with specially designed pedals that travel in a smooth, arched path. This equipment targets muscles in your arms as well as your legs. When you maintain an upright posture on the walker, your abdominal muscles also work as stabilizing muscles and get a moderate workout.

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This Sit Up Board has a curved design for abdominal exercises. Available with different strength level adjustments, this board has very strong tubular metal frame construction which it extra sturdy. Designed with excellent length and width of padded cushioned seat, this board is robust in design and durable in quality. We offer this board to clients at highly competitive price.

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This Triple Twister Seating can bear maximum weight of the user. It is very useful for trimming and shaping the upper and lower tummy area. We offer this twister to clients in varied sizes and specifications to meet their exact needs. Very rough and tough in use, this twister is made of best quality materials for ruggedness. This twister is attached with double ball bearing disc. Height of the handle can be adjusted depending on the user.


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