Gym Accessories

For assisting people in maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle, we are presenting a wide range of Gym Accessories. They offer an easy usage and are gentler on the body. The manufacturing of these equipments are done utilizing the best grade parts and components. With the help of latest technology used in these equipments, tracking the amount of how much calories are burnt can be effectively done. There are multiple kinds of Gym accessories available for loosening the fat of various parts of the body and they also assists in muscles development.
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This T- Bar is highly acclaimed for its unique design which is best for training legs and upper back. In addition, there is also a chest pad in this bar to overcome lower back injury. This bar features multi position footplate and handgrips for barbell and neutral position. We offer this bar to clients in varied sizes and specifications for their use in homes, clubs and gyms.

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Gym Handle Rack

This Handle Rack offers a number of hooks for hanging accessories. There are bar supports for small barbell storage and an accessory tray for other items. The rack is specially designed with molded urethane guards that protect the frame from paint chips and scratches. Our wide range of racks seamlessly integrates with other pieces of the line to complete a family of high- quality strength training products.

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This Incline T- Bar is designed with universal bearing assembly which provides smooth omni- directional movements. This T- bar is best known for its multiple handgrips that can easily accommodate narrow, neutral and wide grips. In addition, the seat pad in this T- bar is also easily adjustable depending on the use height. This T- bar is high in demand in clubs and gyms.

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Dumbbells Rack

This Dumbbells Rack is a must for exercising area to look neat and tidy. It ensures safe storage of dumbbells without any danger of damages. It can hold hex and rubber hex dumbbells & neoprene dumbbells. Features a beautiful and rugged design, it is light in weight yet can bear heavy loads. The coating on the rack helps in keeping corrosion or rust at bay thereby making it very durable in quality.

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Barbelle Heavy Rack

This Barbell Rack Heavy is used to keep a wide range of dumbbells in an organized way. These are specially designed with a number of slots for different types of dumbbells. Best known for its heavy- duty and durable steel construction, this barbell rack takes up small amount of floor space in clubs and homes. Capable of bearing heavy load with ease, this rack comes in varied designs and sizes.

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Power Rack

This Power Rack is exclusively designed with wide walk- in design to offer plenty of side- to- side movements. Designed with a number of adjustment levels, these racks have strong vertical support columns and extra wide knurled chinning bar. In addition, it also features heat tempered lift- offs and saber- style safety rods to keep your workouts simple, safe and effective.

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Our wide range of Gym Rubber Plate is perfect for dumbbells and chest press. Impact resistant in designs, these rubber plates are specially designed under expertise. These are best known for their dead bounce. The material used in these gym plates is environment friendly rubber. Available in varied weights, these rubber plates are great for both home and gym use.

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Gym Dumbell Rod

Increase your stamina and strength in your arms and shoulders with this Gym Rod that features chrome plated finishing. Designed with fiber grip for comfortable use, these rods are wisely made of best quality steel that keeps the corrosion at bay. Easy to use, these are specially designed for use at home or at the gym. This rod helps you achieve complete workout by focusing on your upper body.

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Olympic Plate Rack

Heavy duty in design, this Olympic Plate Rack is widely used to keep all of your weight plates secured and organized when not in use. It is highly resistant to sweat and moisture, which helps prevent rust buildup over the time. Features powder- coated construction, this rack boasts a sturdy construction that wont get tarnished easily, even by the heaviest loads. Its durable surface resists scratches and minimizes scuffs.

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Push Up Stand

Strong, sturdy and stable, this Push up Stand has no joints, welds or pieces. Require no assembly, these stands do not wobble or slip. Designed in S- shape, these stands can provide a targeted workout for your shoulder, chest, back and arm muscles. These stands enable greater range of motion and deeper pushups. Best known for their ergonomic designs, these stands have soft foam grips that are comfortable to handle.

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Spring Collars Olympic

Our wide range of Spring Collars Olympic is specially designed to take you to super heavy workloads. Fits a wide range of Olympic plates, these spring collars are highly functional for Olympic and power- lifting training and cross training. In addition, it is also ideal for cleans, snatches, bench presses, squats and dead lifts. Provided with brass bushings and 4 needles bearing with dual snap ring system, these spring collars have high tensile strength with moderate flexibility, making them great performance bars.


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