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The shoulder double triple is a term used in the sport of bowling to describe a particular bowling technique. It involves releasing the bowling ball with a unique arm and shoulder movement, resulting in enhanced ball rotation and potential pin action. This technique is often employed by skilled bowlers to increase the likelihood of achieving strikes and spares.

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Galvanized Steel Pipe

4 inch dia


1/1.25 inch Dia

Pipe Material



100-110 microns

Surface Treatment

Powder Coated




Q: What is the shoulder double triple in bowling?
A: The shoulder double triple refers to a specific technique used by bowlers during the release of the bowling ball. It involves utilizing a combination of shoulder movement and arm rotation to create increased ball rotation. This enhanced rotation can lead to improved pin action, resulting in higher scores and more successful shots.

Q: How does the shoulder double triple technique work?
A: During the shoulder double triple technique, the bowler incorporates a shoulder rotation and arm movement in the bowling motion. The shoulder movement contributes to additional ball spin, while the arm rotation further enhances the rotational force. This combination generates increased revolutions on the ball, allowing it to hook or curve more aggressively.

Q: Why do bowlers use the shoulder double triple technique?
A: Bowlers utilize the shoulder double triple technique to gain an advantage in their bowling game. The increased ball rotation caused by this technique can help the ball hook into the pins at a sharper angle, increasing the chances of knocking down more pins and achieving strikes or spares.

Q: Can anyone learn and use the shoulder double triple technique?
A: While the shoulder double triple technique requires practice and coordination, it is a technique that can be learned by bowlers of various skill levels. However, it is essential to receive guidance from a bowling coach or experienced bowler to learn the correct mechanics and avoid potential injury or strain.
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